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Services I Offer

I implement effective evidenced-based practices in the psychotherapy field with methods that can instill self-understanding and will encourage you to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations. I have a natural warm, compassionate and non-judgmental approach in working with you, while at the same time, I will help guide you to think about things differently in order for you to move towards positive change. The therapy services offered are personalized to you as an individual, based on your struggles and needs.

I do not see you as a diagnosis, but as a person!

I provide individual therapy sessions


I offer EMDR Intensive Sessions!


Individual Therapy

I offer in-depth individual therapy sessions in a warm, caring environment that starts with me - this non-judgmental approach is combined with clear defined therapy goals, and strong clinical expertise developed from years in the mental health field.


I guide you through therapy while implementing various methods that are specialized to help you develop new attitudes towards life’s most complex matters.


Schedule an appointment with me to start working together on improving your mental health and gaining a healthier life perspective, so you can start living your best life now.

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EMDR Intensive Sessions

I offer specialized extended EMDR Intensive Sessions!

I know you're hurting and sad, feeling anxious and unsure why! These extended sessions are geared to helping you meet your therapy goals much faster than traditional therapy sessions!


We will work on your most intrusive issues first to give you the movement you've been longing for, to help you let go of negative thought patterns, memories and struggles and lean towards positively adapting and healing the way your body and mind were designed to do!

These sessions book out quickly!

Please call me and ask about these life-changing extended sessions!

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