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Clinical Expertise With A Personal Therapy Approach


I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) with a private practice serving the Lone Tree and surrounding areas to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. I started counseling work in a community mental health residential facility, and quickly transitioned into working with the adult community in individual therapy sessions through the outpatient community mental health center.

While working in the residential program, I developed and restructured DBT training material that pertained to the particular adult population we were serving in a format that was tailored to meet their unique needs and challenges, helping them learn and apply skills that were understandable and fit their life structure. In working with adults in community mental health, I have gained vast experience in working with myriad clients with a wide array of issues, ranging from adjustment disorders, anxiety and depression to prevalent personality disorders, to helping improve their quality of life, helping to initiate and advocate a client’s own desire for change, challenge how they think and approach life, to thinking and looking at their situation differently in order to obtain a new positive outlook and improved function. I have gained valuable expertise in learning, developing and executing excellent clinical skills in helping clients reach their therapy goals. I specialize in the field of trauma, and have honed a high level of competence by utilizing the top evidence-based therapy modalities with EMDR and CPT. See my profile on Psychology Today for other areas of specialties!

I bring years of experience and expertise to my private practice, and I provide quality counseling and psychological services catered to your needs, including a faith-based focus, if requested. I provide numerous specialized mental health services to help you work through and overcome traumatic life experiences. Your well-being is very important to me, and I will walk alongside you to achieve your goals.

Take a step towards building a positive, hopeful future, and give me a call for a FREE initial phone consultation to get started.

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